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Affiliate marketing simple refers to bringing in customers to a seller and the more customers buy from a merchant or seller you are signed up with, the more money you can make as an affiliate marketer. It is like marketing in the real world, your focus is to bring customers to the seller.

In the internet world, most merchants sell their online products or services using online marketers and these marketers are signed up with the merchant in a programme called affiliate programme. It means that the marketer is affiliated with the seller and for every sale they bring in, the seller credits them with a commission.

Now , there are many online affiliate programs you can join from Ghana and you will be paid when you reach the minimum payment limit.

Some affiliate programs one can join from Ghana
- Amazon associate program: retail store
- Bluehost: web hosting
- Netfirms: Domain names and web hosting
- Pingo: Calling cards

How Ghanaians can get paid as online affiliate marketers
There are a lot of ways Ghanaians can get paid doing affiliate marketign and these includes:
- Alertpay
- Liberty reserve
- Bank wire
- International cheque
- Credit card
- Shopping Gift cards

How to make money as an affiliate marketing
- Develop niche websites loaded with content
- Sign up with an affiliate program
- Use links and banners on your niche sites to drive traffic
- Monitor your account to see performance
- Drive more traffic by using newer methods

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thank you very much for this information. i just have to do somthing right fromnow!