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Joining Affiliate marketing programs are one of the most reliable ways of making money from the internet in Ghana.

How it works
You refer potential online buyers to a seller
They buy from the seller
Seller credits you with a commission

Getting started with Affiliate marketing
In order to be able to make money from Affiliate marketing in Ghana, you really just need to do the following things first:

- Setup a content website or blog
- Make sure you already have traffic
- Understand what niche your blog belongs to
- Look for merchants that offer affiliate programs related to your niche
- Sign up as an affiliate and get your code
- Insert your affiliate code on your website and start making money

How to receive payments as an online Affiliate marketer
Your payments are normally based on commissions you've earned over the specific period and you will be paid when you reach the required payment limit. Forms of payment could be by cheque, bank wire or other form of credit.

Types of online affiliate programs you can do in Ghana
- Web hosting eg. with Netfirms, Bluehost and so on
- Retail sales: such as's associate program
- Online advertising: Such as Chitika's, Bidvertiser and others
- Online publishing programs: Such as Chitika, Adbrite, Clicksor and Bidvertiser