How do people make money blogging in Ghana?

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Posted by on Wednesday October 10, 2012 at 8:13:26:

Is blogging really profitable in Ghana? If so, how do people make it?

Well here are several ways one can make money blogging in Ghana:

- Selling advertising space
- Affiliate marketing
- Blog flipping

Selling advertising space
This method involves setting up a blog on a website and monetizing it by leasing out space to online advertisers. One major advertiser that can pay your blog is Google and the program they run is called Google adsense. There are other large online advertisers that offer to pay you on a Pay Per click or impression basis and they include Adbrite, Clicksor and others.
You can also monetize a blog in Ghana by selling direct adverts to people or companies that pay you in cash and you can charge on a monthly or weekly basis.

Affiliate marketing
This works well on niche blogs. Affiliate marketing is when you make money by driving traffic to a merchant's website to which you are affiliated to for a commission on sales. If you have a niche blog on something like web hosting, online shopping, laptops in Ghana, you can actually make money when you convert visitors to buying customers and you would get about 10% on a commission.

Blog flipping
This is when you create and develop a blog for the purpose of flipping or selling it to someone else. Blogs are valued based on the type and value of content that they have. Blogs with more content tend to be valued more than others. If you have a blog on something like hotel reviews in Ghana, you can sell it for money. It may take time to build a blog like this but the more time you spend building it, the more it's potential value rises.

What does blogging really involve?
Blogging is about adding content in form of texts, pictures, video and so on to a website. The more content you add to a website, the higher it gets ranked on search engines and the more its value appreciates. Blogging can be a daily or weekly activity and there are now a growing number of bloggers in Africa who make money from Pay Per Click advertisers.

To be a good blogger, you need to have knowledge on what you write about. It could be about personal experience, researched information or just public opinion on an issue of interest. Blogging is really about sharing one's knowledge with the rest of the world.