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There are a lot of jobs Ghanaians can do on the internet as long as they have the right skills. This ability to offer services on the web is called freelancing. All it requires are the right skills and an internet connection and you can be making some good money easily.

How to make money from freelancing jobs in Ghana
- Sign up with a freelance community
- Post your online portfolio and if possible link to your website
- Decide on how you want to get paid
- Bid for contracts and offer services
- Deliver on services when contracted
- Let clients leave good feedback on your services

Some freelancing sites you can join

Independent online freelancing in Ghana
If you are a well known service provider, you may not need to bid or seek for jobs on freelancing websites as you can offer such services on your own website and get paid for it based on how you want to get paid. If you have a lot of works to display and people know you, they are most likely going to refer other customers directly to you and you can make more money living as such a professional freelancer in Ghana. You can decide to focus on clients within or outside Ghana and decide to get paid by Alertpay, liberty reserve or using the bank.

How to market your freelancing services
- Post on classified websites and offer your service
- Leave a good online reputation
- Make use of a blog to promote your services

Types of online freelancing jobs you can do in Ghana
- Writing
- Graphic design
- Web design
- Search engine optimization
- Database programming
- Web redesign
- E-commerce setup
- Blogging
- Consulting