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Posted by on Monday July 23, 2012 13:57:52:

If you intend to make money from the internet in Ghana, once certain way you can achieve this is by simply "Selling online". Selling online is what has kept a lot of internet businesses in operation for number of years.

What do you sell? Well you can just about sell everything you want on the internet to Ghanaians of people internationally and it could be goods or services whether tangible or virtual, they can all be sold online.

There are many examples of online stores and businesses that make a living from online sales. Think of a website like which is into selling mostly retail consumer products. They have an online store where they display physical goods with their specifications, prices and shipping rates. Potential buyers normally open an account with them to be able to purchase and then make payment online. Shipping is also paid for and delivery made to the buyer's address for physical items. A site like Yahoo also sells services and virtual goods like domain names, web hosting and personalized email accounts and all these they sell and deliver online while accepting epayments like credit cards.

What can I sell online in Ghana
You just have to setup an online business that offers something that people want. It could be physical or virtual goods and services that people can pay for using online payment services. You can sell virtual items like videos, ebooks, mp3s, pictures, manuals or membership accounts or physical items like laptops, memory cards and so on.

How to receive payment online in Ghana
When selling online, you will need to setup a payment platform that works for you such that it holds your money in an account soon after sales have been made. You can setup payment platform that accepts credit or debit cards, ATM cards, iWallet, G-Switch or even global tools like Payza or Liberty reserve.

How to deliver sold items
For most items which are virtual or non-physical, you can grant access to buyers to download them or password to start using the service online. For physical goods they would have to be delivered physically using a courier service after payment has been confirmed.

Things you will need to sell online in Ghana
- A Website
- Payment processing platform