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Posted by on Thursday July 10, 2014 at 11:30:37:

When it comes to making money online in Ghana, one of the things which some people normally see as a limit is not having a Paypal account. This is probably because some online money making platforms requires one to have a Paypal account and for now, Paypal doesn't work everywhere.

Paypal is a very popular payment platform that allows people to send and receive money online without having to use a credit/debit card or cash. One just need to have funds in a Paypal account in order to be able to send funds and have an active account in order to receive funds from other Paypal users.

The thing about Paypal is that it's not really an African or Asian thing or a payment system that is used the world over. The bulk of Paypal users reside mostly in Europe and America and that's why Ghanaians shouldn't entirely focus on having a Paypal account before they can start making money online.

There are many other ways to make money online even without a Paypal account and this works for anyone and is not just restricted to Ghana alone.

Some Ways to make money online without Paypal

1. Being a Google Adsense publisher:
A Google adsense publisher is someone who has registered for a Google Adsense account and uses adverts from Google on his website(s). Google Adsense is a publishing program that allows people who own websites such as blogs and online forums to make money by allowing adverts on their sites. The publisher is able to make money when clicks and impressions are made and Google normally pays then their earnings at the end of the money using payment options other than Paypal. It works in Ghana and you can take advantage of it.

2. Selling physical products online:
If you have a physical store or warehouse of goods you want to sell, you can deploy a website for your business directly and start using it to make money online. There are a growing number of online shopping websites in Africa nowadays and some of them even do cash on delivery options without the need for Paypal. People are constantly searching fro products to buy either to use for their homes or office. It ca be hard for them to go from one store to another physically just to buy these items but shopping online makes it easier for them. As an online seller, you can make money from selling your products online and then either doing a delivery later on or allowing buyers to do a pickup themselves. Delivery charges could be included in the shipping costs while pickups are mostly free. As for payment options, you can accept cash, bank deposit or online card payments. You could even create your own payment system like an online wallet that can be funded by bank deposits from your customers.

3. Offering freelance services:
Another way through which people can make money online without having to use Paypal is by offering freelance services on the internet. If you have got a particular computer or other professional skill in something, you can convert it to money by first of all creating an online presence that allows you to attract people and then offering them the service they want. Let's say people need to ask questions relating to a particular issue that only a professional can handle, they could ask you online and pay you in advance even before you answer it. You can also join freelancing websites that allow you to earn money by using your computer skills to do things like programming, website design, graphic design, article writing and so on. You can get paid internationally by Western Union and locally by bank deposit or even mobile money.

4. Online Forex Trading
The ability to trade global currencies online is now possible in Ghana as all one needs is an internet connection and an online forex trading account. There are many forex trading platforms and the goal is basically to buy currencies at a high price and sell them at a low price. However, it's not as easy at it seems and not exactly like the stock market. It requires some training before getting into it and it's a business that is influenced by other major world players who buy, sell and hold global currencies for one reason or the other. An online forex trader in Kenya can make around $10 to $100 profit a day in Ghana but one could lose a lot if one doesn't understand the rudiments of the market. It is highly risky but can also be highly rewarding. The major reason why many new forex traders lose money to forex trading is when they put in too much capital in their trade and still hold the position even when it is losing. Don't over trade your capital and risk little amounts so that you can stay longer in the game to make more money. Avoid margin calls by limiting your risk and losses.

5. Offering Sponsored reviews
If you have a blog or article website where you normally make reviews about products or services, you can use it to make money online by simply offering a Sponsored review service. This is basically a service which a blogger or writer can offer that earns him money for making a review about a particular subject. You can get paid directly to your bank account or any other method you prefer without the need for Paypal. Small businesses or new companies might have the need to publicize something they want to offer to the public and your website might very well be the best platform for it. They could pay you using any method you want and you'd just do a review of their product for it. Sponsored review services normally comes with stated conditions and rates. For example, "I will review your product using my own words for a flat rate of $10. The review will have at least 500 words and will contain a picture and an external link to the advertiser's website".

7. Selling direct online adverting space:
If you have a particular website that attracts some traffic, you can make money from it by also selling your own advert spaces on it rather than just using a Pay per click network. Direct ad selling is how some big websites make most of their money. Before you place a rate on how much your ads are going to cost, you have to consider things like how many unique visitors your sites gets on a period basis for e.g. Every month.
Your potential advertisers would normally checkout your site and check for other things like the Google analytics report or traffic and niche before deciding on whether to buy an advert slot from your or not. Once advertisers have been convinced, they can contact you to place a direct ad on your site and then you get paid for it. You can decide on how you want to get paid and the more advertisers you get, the more money you are likely to make.

7. Affiliate Marketing: Shopping(amazon):
Online affiliate marketing is also a cool way to make money online in Ghana even without having a Paypal account. You can go for niches related to travel services, hotel bookings, forex trading, advertising networks, Publishing networks, freelancing communities and so on. Before getting started with any online affiliate marketing program, first checkout their payment options and if it's only limited to Paypal, just forget it and look for another. Bigger affiliate networks tend to offer a variety of payment options without the need for Paypal. Amazon associates for example allows people to make money by referring buyers to their shopping site and they can pay you by gift card or Foreign cheque. You can also take advantage of local online affiliate programs that can pay you by a direct bank deposit or other international affiliate programs that pay by western union or bank wire.

There are many other ways to make money online without having to go through Paypal but you just have to establish a strong online presence and have something to offer and you'd see that the money would keep rolling in for you using a payment method that works for you.