How to make money with Alertpay in Ghana

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Posted by on Friday April 27, 2012 14:8:22:

Alertpay allows people to send and receive money online within their network. As long as you have an alerpay account in Ghana, you can receive funds on the internet and it even allows sellers to sell their items online and on autopilot.

How can a Ghanaian make money with Alerpay?
Quite simple. Here are 4 ways to make money with Alertpay in Ghana:

1. Sell online: You can sell online with Alertpay and the best type of items to sell are instant download items. You can configure your IPN such that it sends a signal to your website to allow a buyer download the item immediately after payment. You can sell manually or on autopilot with Alertpay.

2. Accept Donations: With an Alertpay account and a website, you can start accepting donations on your website by simple setting up a donation button. All you then need to do is bring more publicity to your donation buttons so that other Alerpay users can donate. It allows you to also accept payments by means of credit cards.

3. Referrals: Alertpay has an affiliate program that allow you to sign up as an affiliate and earn a commission for making referrals to them. You will need your affiliate link and then promote your link or code on blogs, forums or by email.

4. Trade Alertpay funds: Simple buying and selling alertpay funds can be an easy way to make money from the program. You can buy alertpay funds at a 10% discount from sellers or people who want to cash it to other forms of currency and then sell at 10% higher than you bought it to those who want to fund their account.